Liz and Nick | Autumn Ridge, a beautiful outdoor venue

Some families you just fall in love with immediately.  Actually most of our families, I fall in love with very quickly, thus the reason that we do too many weddings per year.  Regardless, when I met with Liz and her mom and talked about the upcoming wedding, I knew it was one that we wanted to be a part of.  There is just something about them.  

And it couldn't have been a more perfect wedding day out at Autumn Ridge in Chelsea, AL.  Under the direction of Becky's Brides, the outdoor ceremony on top of Shelby County's most beautiful mountains was heaven-sent.  The reception was a great mixture of friends and family gathering in the main house and dancing the night away out in the tent on the property.  

We had a great time (as always) working beside David Shirk with Unplugged Photography (his amazing images can be found here).  And don't worry, David, I have recovered from having to jump on the golf cart while you were driving off without me!


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