“I binge watch Say Yes to the Dress and all of the other wedding shows.  Will my wedding look like that?” 

No. Your wedding is not a TV/movie set. We will not have an overhead crane following you down the aisle so that everyone watches it and not you.  We will not put a camera on the officiant’s right shoulder during the ceremony. Sure, it would be a cool shot, but that is not what it is about.  TRUST US.


“Does the amount of my entire wedding budget impact the quality of my wedding film?” 

No way. The best films we have done have nothing to do with the décor or flowers or anything like that.  It always comes down to the chemistry you and your fiancé have with each other.  TRUST US.


“I really don’t even want you at my wedding – my mom does.  Should I still hire you?”

Nope.  We are nice people, some would even call us fun and talented but if you don’t want us there you should not hire us.

Not trying to offend you, but you do want us there.  You may not understand this now but after the wedding you will feel differently.  Don’t believe us? Call a friend who didn’t have a professional wedding filmmaker at her wedding and ask her if she regrets her decision.  Your mother is correct on this one.  We don’t have to be BFFs after the wedding, but it does happen all of the time!  TRUST US.


“I took a video editing class in high school so I’m somewhat knowledgeable about your field.  Can I assist you during the editing process?” 

No thanks.  You are hiring us to be the creatives for the day.  Sit back and enjoy your day.  Let us do our job.  We have filmed THOUSANDS of weddings; we’ve got this. Read our reviews. TRUST US.


“It’s a little embarrassing to say but we have some family drama.”  

That’s ok, everyone does.  Let’s have a conversation about it.  If your aunt raised you like her own and your mother has only entered your life since the engagement, this is something we should know.  We are very good about detecting the family in a room full of 300 people, but with situations like this, a heads up will be helpful.  TRUST US.


“My photographer is the most important thing for my wedding. She doesn’t want the videographer to get in her way. ”

You can’t hang your video on the wall and you can’t hear your photographs.  The two are different but compliment each other. Both are important. The videographer and photographer are at your wedding to do a fabulous job for YOU.  A true professional will find a way for everyone to be able to get the shots they need for their job.  TRUST US.


“I’ve followed your work for three years now and I’m so excited that I finally get to use you for my wedding.  Do whatever you think will result in the best video!  I TRUST you.”  We will, thank you! Best.Bride.Ever


Do you see a common theme?  No matter which vendor you are choosing for your wedding, you have to be able to TRUST them with their craft.  You will end up with better results AND you will enjoy the process much more!