Season-Seelos Blowout!

Congrats are for Meredith and Danny!  The two were married at Riverchase UMC, with the reception at Ross Bridge

We did getting coverage for both Meredith and Danny.  (I go with the girls and John goes with the guys)  Through that entire time, Meredith was so on top of things.  She had previously arranged with a bus to take and pick up the entire wedding party, so of course, she called to confirm everything for the day.  I saw her at one time, checking her email for a picture that could be printed for the reception.  She did it all, while getting ready for her wedding.  And I have already received a couple emails from Meredith on their honeymoon!!!

I was also impressed by the little touches that were incorporated into the day.  My favorite were the vows that Meredith and Danny shared.  They were actually the same vows used by Meredith's parents over 30 years ago.  It was a pleasant surprise to her parents.  What a neat gift!  You know, that might be the video I go upload for them.  Look for it soon (wait, who are we kidding, I am behind, look for it in a couple of days!!!)

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