Dawson-Ross Wedding

Audrey and Spencer were married in a beautiful ceremony at St. Marks.  We have worked at the church before, but its beauty never ceases to amaze me!  And the lighting is great, which as videographers, we are a little greedy!  

Everyone then headed to Mountain Brook to Park Lane for the reception.  Fun times!  The wedding party, wait, the guys had a lot of fun decorating the couple's car for the going away.  The photographer, Catherine Cousins, and us, had a "fun" time taking everything off so that they couple could actually get into the car!

This next paragraph doesn't have much to do with Audrey and Spencer, but it is more about John and I's sense of humor.  May not be funny to most people, but we thought is was pretty entertaining!

John and I were working this event together that night, so that is always exciting.  We were joking around and talking about on Facebook vendors will post a picture of the venue they are working that night.  I got a great shot of the church to upload and then as we were traveling to the reception at Park Lane, we joked about taking a picture of a black sheet of paper and posting that to represent the reception site!  The joke is that although Park Lane is beautiful, it is always so dark that it is hard for videographers!  But on this night, the lighting was superb  - we were able to really capture the great details of Park Lane. 

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