Reynolds-Adkins Wedding

So I am a little behind on this blog, but please bear with me as I try to log in all we have done so far in May.  And I still need to upload video for several of these posts!!!

Another weekend, another beautiful wedding out on the lawns at Rosewood.  If you haven't been to Rosewood, you must check it out.  I am sure that I have mentioned it before, but as soon as you walk into their door, you feel like family.  As a vendor, that is wonderful, as a bride, I can only imagine how great it must be!

Amanda and Chris exchanged their vows in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  The rain held off just long enough for us to finish the ceremony and cut the cake!  Even though it rained and rained and rained, everyone still had a great time celebrating the new couple.  The kids enjoyed running through the rain and jumping in the puddles!  

Just as the couple was about to leave in a beautiful antique car, the rain stopped.  We were able to get the going away coverage with just a few sprinkles.  I hope the couple has a good time in the Greek Isles!

You know, no one ever invites the videographer on the honeymoon...

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