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Insider's Tips: Tip #36 - How to NOT look like you have tarantulas on your face (and other wedding day fears)!

Everyone does false eyelashes for their wedding and why not, the results are amazing!  I really can't believe the difference! But make sure you hire a professional makeup artist; they really know what they are doing and won't make you look like you have a tarantula on your face! 

Jackie Robinson with RawwBeauty uses DUO adhesive lash glue which is a latex glue so it comes off easy but at the same time won't come off when you are wearing them.  After you've been dancing the night away at your wedding reception, you can just pull from the outside to the nose like a bandaid to remove them. They won't pull out your lashes and it won't hurt. 

If you are careful and remove the way she suggested, you can use them again when you want to feel gorgeous!

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup by  RawwBeauty  / Photo courtesy of  AL Weddings

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup by RawwBeauty / Photo courtesy of AL Weddings

Insider's Tips: Tip #7 - Make Up Artist

Make yourself look pretty.

Photo courtesy of  J.Woodbury Photography , Makeup by  Raw Beauty , Hair by  Jessica Lazarus .

Photo courtesy of J.Woodbury Photography, Makeup by Raw Beauty, Hair by Jessica Lazarus.

I was pretty stubborn back in 2000 when John and I were getting married.  It was suggested that I hire someone to do my makeup.  But I couldn't understand why I would pay someone to do something that I could already do.  But after the ceremony when I had a tear streaked face for all of our pictures, I was really wishing that a makeup artist was standing on the side to refresh my face.  John says it is sweet that all of our formal pictures look like I had been crying, but I am not sure that I agree.

I am sure that there are varying degrees of service that the makeup artists offer. I don't know pricing, but I do know that it will be worth it so that you can have beautiful photos hanging on your wall forever and ever.

These days I am happy to report that most of our brides have someone that who does their makeup for them.  They are all so much smarter than I was fourteen years ago!