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Insider's Tips: Tip #7 - Make Up Artist

Make yourself look pretty.

Photo courtesy of  J.Woodbury Photography , Makeup by  Raw Beauty , Hair by  Jessica Lazarus .

Photo courtesy of J.Woodbury Photography, Makeup by Raw Beauty, Hair by Jessica Lazarus.

I was pretty stubborn back in 2000 when John and I were getting married.  It was suggested that I hire someone to do my makeup.  But I couldn't understand why I would pay someone to do something that I could already do.  But after the ceremony when I had a tear streaked face for all of our pictures, I was really wishing that a makeup artist was standing on the side to refresh my face.  John says it is sweet that all of our formal pictures look like I had been crying, but I am not sure that I agree.

I am sure that there are varying degrees of service that the makeup artists offer. I don't know pricing, but I do know that it will be worth it so that you can have beautiful photos hanging on your wall forever and ever.

These days I am happy to report that most of our brides have someone that who does their makeup for them.  They are all so much smarter than I was fourteen years ago!