Insider's Tips: Tip #16 - Seat Guests Evenly

Fill 'er up!

Photo courtesy of  Simple Color Photography

Photo courtesy of Simple Color Photography

We have already established that I am not the most traditional gal.  I appreciate tradition, especially when it comes to weddings, but sometimes I don't think you have to follow it all of the time.  Take for instance my next tip, Fill 'er up.  

Sometimes you have a bride that is from the city in which the wedding is taking place, and the groom is not.  When this occurs, you tend to have more people to come and want to sit on the "bride's side" at the church.  So the ushers fill up the entire left side with her friends/family.  But on the "groom's side", you don't have near as many people.  So it looks lopsided.  Even though it shouldn't matter, I wonder if it ever makes the parents of the less attended side feel bad. 

My solution?  Have your ushers seat the guests evenly.  Some people will still want to sit on the traditional side, but for those who don't care, use them to even it out.  I know for video, it will look better.  I love how this trend has become more popular in recent years.