Insider's Tips: Tip #17 - I Can't See!

Hey you, turn around!  I  can't see!

I thought I would post one of John's tips.  He likes to add his two cents every so often. I am not sure how I feel about, "Hey, you, turn around!  I can't see!"  I don't mind it, it works well for video and the audience, but it might be too untraditional for me to start a revolution about it.  Maybe I will just be pleasantly surprised when it happens.

We have had several couples turn toward the audience, with the officiant standing between them and the audience.  You are able to see their faces more and you don't spend 35 minutes staring at the back of the bride's dress.  So sure it has its advantages and we have seen it grow in popularity in the past year - just something to think about. What do you think about it?