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Catherine and Brook | An enchanting night at The Club

Our wonderful couple was married on one of those November Saturdays that the weather was just perfect.  The kind of day that you felt you should be spinning around on a hilltop somewhere singing at the top of your lungs.  So we really didn't have the option of doing that, as Catherine and Brook were pretty excited to be getting married!  And speaking of newlyweds, photographer extraordinaire, Ann Wade (Parrish) Shreve was just coming back from her own wedding bliss and we were so excited to get to hang/work with her. 

Asbury United Methodist Church was the location of the ceremony with The Club for the reception.  A big highlight of the evening was the chocolates on a big table in lieu of the groom's cake.  LOVE this idea. AND the family even had some bagged to give to the vendors after the wedding.  How thoughtful were they!!! (Sure, someone on the cleanup crew decided to help themselves to ours during the going away.  I didn't need the calories anyway...)  I should have snapped a picture of the candy table, but maybe you should just head over to Ann Wade's blog to see the pictures yourself!





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