Abbie + Neal | Shoal Creek | Mother's Loving Words

I just received these kinds words from our mother of the bride from this past weekend. Her daughter, Abbie, was married at the always gorgeous Shoal Creek Country Club.

"Just wanted to send you hugs and kisses and thank you for sharing your weekend with us.  You were so sweet and I love sweet, sweet people.  Can't wait to see what you and your husband captured.  I know it's going to be great.  So glad we were told about yall.  You both were wonderful and so delightful to work with.  You seemed like one of my girls."

Some families stand out more than others.  This family is one of those families.  I LOVED the way the dad looked at his baby girl as a bride.  You could see how proud he was and how much he loved her.  We created a special time for the FOB to see his daughter and it was filled with emotion.  Dad was crying, Abbie was crying, Stacy Richardson (photographer) was crying, I was crying; we were all boo-hooing.  I can't wait to see the footage from this part of the day.  

I was so honored to receive this email; I just had to share.  The feeling was mutual. 

And now a few quick iPhone photos that I took during the day.  



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