Rob & Michelle: Same Day Edit

In 2009, we met the most amazing family - the Forsythe's!  Molly was a bridesmaid for one of our weddings (Adrienne and Luke Remmert). Beautiful both inside and out.  When Molly got engaged, she immediately called us for her wedding and we of course, were very honored.  During her wedding festivities we met her sister Michelle.  A few months later when Michelle got engaged she called us too!  Sure an honor, but we also knew what amazing parties this family could throw and were very excited!


Michelle's wedding was going to be quite different than her sister so we wanted to do something different for her.  The Same Day Edit (SDE) is not something we do often, but we were excited to do it for Michelle.  A SDE is where you film the wedding day festivities up until a point and then you quickly edit together a piece to show at the reception.  It is very neat in that you (and your guests) can be able to see part of your wedding day even before you leave for the honeymoon!  


In her hometown of Florence, Michelle and Rob were married in a small church that her grandmother attended.  It was just a cute, little country church.  After the ceremony, the guests traveled to Turtle Point Country Club for the reception.  They were met with beautiful music from a string quartet, a 12 tier bride's cake, and wonderful food from the club.  The short reception ended with the bride and groom exiting while Michelle was throwing the bouquet.


Great day, right?  Sure, but it was FAR from over!  


We then hop the shuttle back to the hotel to begin the editing process.  Because of the uniqueness of the entire wedding, we actually had a couple of hours before the After Party (reception #2) started.  Alene Gamel and her team from I Do, I Do, had flawlessly coordinated the entire weekend of festivities.  We knew that the After Party was going to be something else!  (I am sure that Alene blogged about the wedding in detail so go read hers.  I just know it was beautiful!)


Old Hollywood was the theme with white furniture, pink lights everywhere and monograms galore! Gorgeous!  So after the cutting of groom's cake, the dances, and partying down from the most amazing band, we showed the SDE.  It was a huge hit and Michelle is still getting texts about it!  Check it out!


Due to the length of this video, please allow time to load the video so that you may have uninterrupted viewing.

Video from our Same Day Edit for Rob and Michelle on March 26, 2011. The video starts with the day beginning and ends with the 1st reception. The SDE was shown at the 2nd reception, aka The After Party!

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