Jim & LeeAnn: Canterbury UMC | Vestavia Hills Country Club

What a difference a week makes!  No rain, beautiful clouds, great day!  Jim and LeeAnn picked a beautiful March day to be married in an elegant black tie affair at Canterbury United Methodist Church.  We were delighted to work aside Brandon and Stacy Gresham of Gresham Photography.  Their images always look incredible.


Guests walked into the Vestavia Hills Country Club to romantic lanterns hung from everywhere they could be!  Rustic and old English!  I was right behind an excited LeeAnn when the club allowed her to sneak a peak of the ballroom before whisking the couple away for dinner.  Nationwide Coverage started the evening playing like they were a lounge jazz dinner ensemble.  Very classy.  I had not seen this side of them and was very impressed! Of course as the evening progressed, their energy level only increased and kept the guests on the dance floor for the entire (exhausting) night!!!   Nationwide Coverage entertained like no one else could have!!! (I have free demos if you are still looking for a band) 


It was a night to remember for all involved!  I can't wait to see the edited footage!


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