Help Us!

Sure, this might be a shameless way to get people to watch our link, but we really want your help!  We are trying to see how many views we can get on our youtube clip.  WE WANT IT TO GO VIRAL!  Wouldn't it be neat to wind up on the Today Show talking about our hilarious clip from last summer's wedding.  


"Bridesmaid Jill" is a 2-minute clip from Adrienne and Luke's wedding at the North River Yacht Club.  Super T asked the bridal party to come on stage where he would then introduce them one at a time.  None of us were expecting Jill to break loose like she did.  


Please watch it and then share with your friends!  I don't know how many views we have to have before it starts to circulate itself.  Just copy the clip and paste it in your browser.  Thanks in advance! 
Walter ThamesComment