Bridal Show Season

From the looks of our blog, we have either been incredibly slow (because of the lack of posts) or incredibly busy (also because of the lack of posts).  Well, busy it has been!  And looking toward the Spring, it is not going to let up much.  We are so thankful and appreciative!  


The last month or so, along with several corporate jobs, we have been participating in a few bridal shows.  The first was at The Club (their 1st ever) and it was quite successful.  John finished our new promo (featured on the front page of our website) hours before the show started, so we were a little tired.  But their were terrific vendors and wonderful brides all day!  


The very next weekend, we were delighted to participate in the Open House for Mathews Manor and Mt. View, both in Springville.  And since John and I have a free babysitter just minutes away, we love working at both of these locations.  That and they are beautiful venues!  We filmed Traci Mathews' wedding back in August, so it was nice to see the family again at Mathews Manor.  AND find out that Traci and Jason are going to have a BABY!  How exciting!  And once again, we met wonderful brides (and grooms) at both of these events.  Many thanks to Kerri for working the Mt. View show so that I could be at Mathews Manor.  John had a corporate event to film so it was just the girls!


The last bridal show on the books is this coming weekend at the Wynfrey (The Bridal Market by PWG).  This will be our first year to exhibit with PWG, but after observing their amazing show last August, I just HAD to be included this year.  We are actually the category sponsor this year - which mean we get (have) to be on TV this week.  Yuck!  I like to be behind the camera, not in front!!!!  I am sure I am going to be more sympathetic to my brides after this week!  I just hope that I don't say anything stupid!  There will not be time to edit!  I guess promoting our business which I am very proud of is a good thing, but boy, am I nervous!  If it goes well, I might put it up on the blog.  We will see!  


But please stop by and see us at our booth on Sunday!  We might have goodies to share!  But we will have a FABULOUS demo!  See you then!


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