Jessica & Patrick with Super T

So Jessica really might be wonder-woman!  She is the queen of multi-tasking - school, family, planning a wedding - she does it all!  She, with the help of Alene Gamel, with I Do, I Do, put on a fabulous wedding weekend.  Actually Jessica told me that the fun began one week prior when family started coming into town.  It was all worth it in the end!  Everyone had a great time and the wedding was just beautiful! 

South Highland Presbyterian Church was the setting for the wedding ceremony.  After that, the guests were invited to the Old Overton Country Club for a big reception.  You know, we have had some really great bands this summer at Old Overton - and this weekend was no exception.  The Tyrone Smith Revue (known around the World as Super T) was amazing!  Of course we didn't expect anything less!  Everyone had a great time dancing with the band - even the bride and groom!  Please note the guy doing "the Carlton" - great stuff!

Walter ThamesComment