Leamon-Bryant Tribute

Never in a million years would I expect Cassie and Tony to do a Michael Jackson tribute for their 1st together as man and wife. Now that I have you wanting more, let me start with the beginning of the day.

At the last minute, Tera (SIL to Cassie) contacted me about doing getting ready coverage for the wedding. Cassie had seen a video that we did where the groom brought the bride her bouquet when they saw each other for the 1st time before the wedding. She had to have this! So we made it happen for her. BTW, thanks to Shelley Creel Photography for rearranging their photo timeline to accommodate my schedule!

Everything went off without a hitch! The wedding was at Rosewood, complete with chandeliers in the trees in the garden! Perfect! The couple had a short reception at Rosewood, but then continued the evening at Grayson Valley Country Club. Oh, the bride's brother scored major points by arranging for Coats Classic Cars to bring in one of their beauties for the going away!

So now we are back to what you have been waiting on - the tribute! Maybe I should just let the footage speak for itself! 

Walter ThamesComment