RMTC Workshop

So today was the first day of the Red Mountain Theatre's Youth Workshop - www.redmountaintheatre.org - John and I both are a little tired.  I don't know if it was from a very busy weekend or the fact that there were over 300 kids in attendance today!  I do hope to go to bed tonight at 9 so maybe we can live to fight another day.

Before you get the wrong idea, neither John nor I have any talent whatsoever in this field, but we co-teach with a wonderful casting director out of LA, Lynne Marks.  She teaches the kids how to act on camera, while we do the technical "stuff."  We are also responsible for documenting the workshop so that short, edited clips can be shown during the "scene" changes during the showcase for the parents.  

This year we are very fortunate to have an intern helping us out everyday!  I am not able to be up there all of the time like John, so it is great that Stephen can help out!  Although Will has been every day, all day for the first two years, I didn't think that bringing a busy two year old was smart!  

This is our 5th year doing the workshop, and while it wears you out, you meet wonderful instructors and kids (and parents)!

Walter ThamesComment