Grandma doing the Electric Slide!

When I met with Lauren and Daniel, we discussed all of the details for the wedding.   They were getting married at Our Lady of Sorrows in Homewood, with the reception at Matt Jones Art Gallery.  They made the very wise decision to hire Alene Gamel with I Do, I Do, to plan and organize the entire event.  

I took a lot of notes so that I could make sure that their video was one of a kind, just like they were.  They told me to make sure that we got footage of grandma leading the Electric Slide during the reception.  I knew that they were serious, but didn't quite know what to think about it.   And really, not until you see it happen, will you really believe that this lady got up and starting doing the Electric Slide!!!!  It was great!  She was great!  

So of course, it had to be their honeymoon clip!  I can't wait for Lauren and Daniel to see it.  I think they will think it is very funny.  Actually I don't think Daniel made it into this clip, but it was too funny - I had to post it!  I hope he doesn't mind.  We have plenty of other great shots of him!  I think Jessica Messer got really great shots too!

Enjoy this fun clip!

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