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Insider's Tips: Tip #24 - Wedding Dress Help

Another great tip from Cathy Kelly at The White Room.  Whoever is helping the bride put her dress on, MUST NOT be wearing colored nail polish.  Clear or a french manicure is acceptable.  Otherwise you can get streaks of color onto the white dress!  Yikes!  Can you imagine getting ready for pictures on your wedding day and your mom's freshly painted nails scrape against your dress?  The next thing you know, you are trying to find something to get the streak of nail polish off the back of the dress.  Remember this does apply for bridal sessions too!  

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Crochet hooks are a must if you have a million buttons on the back of your dress!  It will save hours!  Not really, but it seems that way!  And maybe Wal-Mart has a two pack because I personally think it is a good idea to pack an extra in your overnight bag for your honeymoon night.  Not only will your groom not be a big fan of having to undo 25 little tiny hooks, but I also doubt that he will be very patient in this process.  

We have clients that chose for the wedding planner or a mom to unhook the little buttons (leaving the zipper untouched) before leaving the reception.  By that point in the evening, no one will ever notice that you have the hooks unhooked.  It is just unnecessary stress for your groom to have to deal with it.  

Insider's Tips: Tip #21 - Protect the Dress

X marks the Spot!

Ok loyal readers, you better really enjoy these titles!  I think that they are hilarious and I try to keep coming up with great ones each week!!!

This tip is actually one that I heard early in 2010 at a local ABC meeting where Cathy Kelly from the White Room was speaking.  I can't remember all of the tips she gave that night; they were so many wonderful ideas to take back.  But this week is to help brides to keep their wedding dress clean the day of (and really during your bridal session too).  

Photo courtesy of  Allison Lewis Photography  - Regions Field

Photo courtesy of Allison Lewis Photography - Regions Field

Take a white bed sheet, place it on the floor and cut an X in it.  When it comes time for the photo session, lay the sheet down on the ground/floor and step on the X.  Now grab the corners of the sheet and pull them up to you.  Walk where you need to go.   When you get to the site of the picture, just place the sheet down and have someone hide it under your dress.  You are able to surround your wedding dress with a protective covering.  Viola!  

Some of the best footage for us comes from when the bride is willing to go the distance to get some really great shots, for example, in the woods at the Sonnet House or through a dandelion patch.   With the sheet surrounding the dress, you don't have to worry about getting it dirty AND you still get those amazing shots!