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Insider's Tips: Tip #41 - Incorporating Family Heirlooms into the Wedding Day

This next tip I am pretty excited to share!  I think we have seen it only a handful of times, but it is high-impact.  

Not too many times do we see a bride want to wear her mother's vintage wedding dress, but taking the dress and having a seamstress turn into into a short, cute party dress for the wedding rehearsal dinner = brilliant!   

The dress pictured below was worn for the 2nd half of the reception. The bride took her mom's dress and remade it into a short dress, so she was ready to dance the night away!

You can also make a beautiful handkerchief made from your mother's wedding dress.  

There are so many ways to incorporate meaningful heirlooms into your wedding day. It just takes thinking outside the box! Maybe a vintage broach bouquet should be a topic soon?