Insider's Tips: Tip #56 - How to have a guest book you will actually look at!

You know those really old and outdated guest books that half of the time are a second thought to you during wedding planning?  It doesn’t have to be that way! These days your photographer can make a cute coffee table book out of your engagement photos that can double as your guest book.  You just have to leave extra room on each page for your guests to be able to write something special to you.

Kelli Taylor of Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography had a great idea to go along with this.  She counsels her bridesmaids on the wedding day to each pick a different page to sign.  That way when guests are looking through the book they already have examples of what they are supposed to do!  

Brilliant!  And the best part?  It won’t be put in a box somewhere for you to never look at (like mine)!!