Insider's Tips: Tip #22 - Lavender

You'll poke your eye out!

You would think that I have learned my lesson after posting a controversial topic on here (seeing each other before), but no.  I just don't really know what to think about this trend of throwing lavender at the bride and groom when leaving the reception.  The times that we have seen this done, it seems to clump and then acts as a weapon against the couple.  John says that the humidity in the South aids in the "clumpiness."  Everyone is also immersed in a cloud of lavender after the couple runs through.  It might smell wonderful in small doses, but when 3 gallons of it is throw at your head, you might think otherwise. It does make for a great photo...

I like the glow stick idea, where it doesn't matter about the amount of alcohol you did or did not consume, no one gets hurt.   

Photo courtesy of Simple Color Photography

Photo courtesy of Simple Color Photography

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