Insider's Tips: Tip #27 - Don't ruin the wedding day! Get a full tank of gas

Photo courtesy of  J.Woodbery Photography

Photo courtesy of J.Woodbery Photography

This latest tip came from an actual conversation that I overheard a couple of years ago.  The mother of the bride was talking to a guest about how crazy her morning had been. The weather was terrible and they had a million things to do before coming to the church. Would you like to guess what happened?

She gets in her car to zoom off to the church with the daughter, the bride, and she doesn't have any gas.  So nervous and excited bride + crazy busy mom + gas station = NO FUN!  

So my advice is anticipate all of the trips back and forth to the church for the rehearsal or dropping off dresses and fill up your car on Thursday before the wedding.  You will thank me later!