Insider's Tips: Tip #13 - Sticky Dress Tape

Tape it down!

Photo courtesy of  Allison Lewis Photography

Photo courtesy of Allison Lewis Photography

You can have the most beautiful bride, bridesmaid, whoever on the wedding day, in a fabulous strapless dress, the perfect shot set up with the sun giving a nice sunburst on your lens, a little wind rustling the trees, and what happens?  The girl hikes her dress up (to keep the chest area from getting too low).  Shot ruined.

The popularity of strapless dresses for both a wedding dress and/or bridesmaid dress has grown tremendously over the last several years.  And I agree, they are beautiful!  But please use some sticky dress tape and secure the dress to your body.  Now you won't have to spend all day adjusting yourself.  Less hassle for you, better shots for us!  

In case you would like to rush out right now and buy some sticky tape for your dress, here is a link!