Insider's Tips: Tip #5 - Alternate Day

I have heard that some venues offer a slight discount for getting married on a Friday or Sunday, or even something crazy like, getting married in the middle of the week.  This might help you to be able to book the venue that you just love but can't afford.  

Ten years ago, John and I got married on a Saturday morning.  It was great for us, mainly because of what the end of my last post said, I like to sleep.  But our venue gave us a discount because they could double book our day and have another wedding that night.  It also allowed us to be able to serve lighter food, which saved on our budget.  That savings we were able to apply to have some amazing florals!  

We had a bride one Spring that did a Sunday morning wedding.  Perfect weather, brunch style food and mimosas.  I don't know if it was cheaper than a full dinner with roast and all of that (or even if that was her intention), but I suspect it might have been.  Mimosas have to be cheaper and because it was early in the day, guests didn't drink as much.  And it was fun!