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Bridesmaids Robes Options

We see them every wedding. Cute matching robes for the bridal party! I just love them all! Kimono robes, oversized flannel shirts, or even just traditional monogrammed robes all have their place in your wedding day. Maybe one of the reasons I love them so much is because they can coordinate with you, your maids and even the flower girls. But you also have to think of the parade of people that will be going in and out of the dressing room while you are getting ready. Dads, brothers, wedding party significant others, as well as various wedding vendors. You want to look cute, but you also need to make sure you are covered.

Kimono Robes

It seems that the most popular are these cute, silky Kimono robes. From my research, they have the most colors. Typically brides will do one color and have the maids all have another color. But you can really do anything. I have included a link to the ones that most of our clients use. Amazon has a great price plus it comes with Prime shipping and free returns. You might think about buying a size larger though.

Here is the link for the little girls’ sizes. Click the photo or here for the direct link to Amazon.

Flannel Shirts

For Fall weddings, matching or coordinating flannel shirts or nightgowns can be a lot of fun too. These are a little more pricey, but look super comfy. At around $25 you can choose from 6 colors and several sizes. It falls right above the knee. Plus this fabric might be able to be monogrammed which is always a plus. And if it is too cool to have bare legs, then legging can be worn! Click photo or here for the direct link to Amazon.

Cotton Robes

Simple and cute. This option might be my favorite. Soft jersey knit cotton is really the way to my heart. I’m a texture gal, especially when it comes to lounging. Not only is this the first option that comes in a 2XL, but there are 18 colors to choose from! There is one variety that even has cute lace cuffs on the sleeves. If the goal is to give your bridal party something that they can actually wear after your wedding day, then this might be the one. A cute monogram can also be added!

Click photo or here for the direct link to Amazon.

Don’t forget to ask your photographer to grab a photo of everyone together in your matching outfits!

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