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Katie + Cali: Trash the Dress

You either love them or hate them.  I am not taking about Katie & Cali, you can't help but love those two!  I am talking about the new, hip trend called "Trash the Dress."  I personally am a big fan of what I have seen so far.  Not that I would ever do it - but that is just because I wouldn't be able to fit into my dress anymore!!!
On a beautiful Spring afternoon, we met Cali and Katie at Oak Mountain State Park.  We did a short interview with them for their Love Story.  And what a story that they have!  After we were finished with the interview, we met up with Butch and Joy with Blue Moon Photography to begin the hike down to Peavine Falls.  Notice I didn't say short hike or anything like that - it was maybe a mile.  I have no idea how far it was, but even "packing light" for a videographer is still 40 lbs each of equipment.  AND I don't hike, EVER.  
John's handmade underwater container for our "cheap" camera only had a small leak in it so the $10 that he spent on it was pretty much worth it.  Don't think that we were going to put thousands of dollars worth of equipment in the water. 
So the terrain was a little different, smaller areas to shoot in, but we came out with some amazing footage. But most importantly we were able to capture the absolute true love that they share.  And yes the water was very cold!
Cali will be leaving on Saturday for 6 months. We wanted them to have something that they could both watch on those lonely nights that are sure to occur.  Both Katie and Cali are great people and they are so lucky to have each other.  

Please note that NO equipment was damaged in the making of this segment.  Wait, I forgot, Butch got his phone wet.  I think he actually had insurance on it.