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Natalie and Ryan at St. Elias and Embassy Suites

What do you get when you take approximately 700 people in nice clothing ready to have a great evening?  Natalie and Ryan's wedding guests! Needless to say, it was standing room only for their beautiful ceremony at St. Elias. And really standing room only for their reception at the new Embassy Suites in Hoover, but that was because EVERYONE was on the dance floor! It was wild! But we wouldn't have it any other way.

The day wouldn't have gone near as smoothly without the direction of Beverly Andrews with Engaging Celebrations.  Beautiful flowers everywhere by Carol Riley with Lillie's.

Other vendors included:

Studio G Photography


Enjoy their wedding day highlights!  


Tiffany + Craig: Palisades Church of Christ | Ted's Garage

Yesterday was our official 1st wedding of the year.  I say official because when you have a December 31st wedding, it really is like your last one of the year, but the first one too.  
Everything about the day was absolutely beautiful for bride Tiffany and her beau Craig. She couldn't have asked for better weather and a more perfect day.  Greg Hawkins with Studio G was in his element to say the least.  
We just fell in love with these two families.   I think when we get to film the rehearsal dinner it gives us a terrific insight into the family.  They were a very tight knit group with lots of babies everywhere!  I was in heaven.  
But it just wasn't because there were babies around that the wedding weekend was so great, it really was a combination of everything.  I have to give credit to Beverly Andrews with Engaging Celebrations.  Her weddings truly are amazing!  I don't think people realize how much they are missing out on when they don't hire an experienced wedding planner.  From the vendor side, it couldn't be a better day and to see (and film) the relaxed expressions on the bride and her mother, then I know how much better the wedding day is for them too.  
After a beautiful wedding ceremony at Palisades Church of Christ, the guests made their way over to one of our new favorite venues, Ted's Gargage.  Happy Catering had set up stations after stations of yummy food for the guests.  I loved how the band started the evening off with a dance for all of the fathers and daughters.  It really helped to get people to the dance floor and they stayed!
So the end of the night comes, the couple leaves in the bride's dad's restored Thunderbird.  Right after we run back in and get into a hiding spot.  No, we were not trying to stay at Ted's Garage all night, we were getting into place for a romantic proposal that was about to happen!!!  It was so exciting!  Take a look at the footage below.  The guitarist was the lead singer in the band, a groomsman, and the brother of the gal that is about to start planning her wedding! 



Jessica + Slade: Riverchase UMC & Matt Jones Art Gallery

Beautiful, Jessica and the not so bad Slade (kidding!!) were married at Riverchase UMC on Saturday. We had the opportunity to with with Greg Hawkins of Studio G.  His photos are always amazing!  They never disappoint!

For the wedding reception, we went to one of our favorite reception sites, the Matt Jones Art Gallery!  The place is just naturally beautiful!  And is always managed perfectly by the GoPro team.
Here is a clip of Slade and Jessica sharing their first dance!