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Amanda + Hurell: South Highland/Rucker Place

Rain, rain go away!  It is a good thing that it is considered good luck if it rains on your wedding day!
Under the amazing direction of Ms. Alene Gamel, I Do, I Do!, and surrounded by all of their family and friends, Amanda and Hurell were joined together in matrimony at the beautiful South Highland Presbyterian Church.  Afterwards, the guests traveled the short distance to the Historic Rucker Place for the reception.  Arden Ward did an amazing job on the photography. I can't wait to see the pictures!
It was a packed house for the reception.  It was beautifully decorated - simple, but elegant!  The Rucker Place is naturally so beautiful anyway and throw in a beautiful bride and it is just spectacular!
I hope the couple had a relaxing time at the beach!  No one ever invites the videographer...
Other vendors for this included Olexa's, Dorothy McDaniel's Flower Market, Coconut Cowboys, and Vintage Autos.