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Sappy post warning...

We made it!  Sure, John is still sleeping, but we survived!  

"Creative collaboration" - those are not just fancy words on our website.  They really do mean something and this weekend was the perfect example of why it works so well for us.  I'm so proud of everyone that I wanted to give props (and steak dinners) to everyone.

In no particular order, first up is Chris.  My word, Chris, you were awesome this week.  He saw how much John had on his plate and once again became my knight is shining editing armor. Chris also worked a long wedding on Saturday and turned around and worked a 12 hour day in Selma on Sunday with 1000's of other people.  Chris loves crowds!

Bill, two weeks into the job and you have already made yourself indispensable. Being in charge of all of those interviews and two 13 hour days worth of live streaming, uploading and Fedora hat wearing. John didn't worry one bit when he wasn't there. Thank you (and bonus MSP employee Tommy) for that.

The queen of audio, Amanda.  Thank you for taking an extremely hard interview and cutting it down to a more manageable length for John.  You saved him hours of work.  Hours that he didn't have.  You are awesome, but no steak dinner for you.  You can have the finest veggies we can find though!

Another thank you to Trip for stepping in at the last minute to help on Friday night.  I dropped gear off to him at our rehearsal dinner and he had everything set up by the time John got there.  And he did it all with a great attitude. 

Why did we let Dylan go and partner with others to start his own company? We had a good thing going, didn't we Dylan?  Sniff, sniff.  Thank you for helping this weekend.  You are the man on live streaming.  "A whiz" I believe is the term Bill used.

Sam. This whole thing started with your willingness to go with John to Selma to location scout.  I know you had a long day on Saturday with your own wedding, so thank you for getting up at the crack of dawn to drive to Selma. I'm sure it was hard, but I didn't hear your complain, at least out loud! I wanted a selfie with you, Chris and John, and can't believe that you never saw each other.  Wow, that place must have been packed! 

And finally my thanks to my husband and partner in crime, John.  You took on a big job but I was never worried that you wouldn't be able to pull it off.  Thank you for being such a good provider for Will (and the rest of us).  Hard drives crashes, backing up cards until 3:00 in the morning even though you needed to wake up at 5:00 because you are so careful with data and understand that it really is priceless work that we do around here - what a week.  TGIM! Thank heavens it's Monday! He's a keeper, ladies - hands off!

Again, my deepest thanks. You are all awesome! 




Bloody Sunday | 50th Anniversary | Selma, AL

This weekend is a pretty historic anniversary for not only the South, but the rest of the country.  It represents the 50th anniversary of when 600 protestors started to march from Selma to Montgomery, AL for civil rights. They were brutally attacked on the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  Less than 5 months later, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

A few months ago, John and Sam Armstrong went to Selma to gather footage of the town, the culture and the infamous bridge. They were basically scouting for a location for filming a documentary for another company.  Well this piece led to a pretty big job going on right now in Birmingham/Selma. And a big thanks to the new guy at Main Street Productions, Bill Wilson, everything has been perfect!

We have a two day long live streaming of Civil Rights presentations going on at the Birmingham Sheraton Hotel. To watch the live streaming (ending Saturday night), click here.  And then on Sunday we travel to Selma to document the march for civil rights. Apparently everyone from Lady Gaga to former President Bush and current President Obama will be in attendance.  Pretty cool for our little company. 

To watch the quick piece the guys put together when scouting locations, see below. It is nothing fancy, but it is not supposed to be.