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Wedding Trends: Live Streaming

Everyone is always asking what are the new trends within the wedding videography industry.  And that is really such a hard question to answer.  They don't want to know about the amazing new cameras that have come out in the past year or a technique that makes it easier to create fabulous footage. They want something that not everyone is doing.  Something that will make their wedding different than all of the other's that they have gone to this year.  For instance a few years ago we saw the emergence of Same Day Edits.  Way cool - high impact.  And I guess I would say that it is a trend to watch as they still are moving and powerful, but yet, you don't see them every weekend.  

But I thought of another wedding trend to tell people about.  Live Streaming a wedding ceremony.  We have only done it a handful of times, but it is perfect if you have family or friends that are not going to be able to make it to your wedding.  We just send you a link to where the video will be broadcasted and determine a time that we will be "on air" and all you have to do is let your friends and family know about it.  Simple. Everyone's happy.  

Here is a wedding that we did the other weekend for live stream.  We only did a one camera setup for this one, but obviously for her entire wedding video, we will edit together all three camera angles.  I should say that all of the venue's restrictions on camera placement will still be followed.  Of course, when we are working with just one camea angle, you will see more movement then on a traditional edit.  And at the end of the day, this bride was able to include her friends and family in such a special day.  PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A LONG CLIP.  TO WATCH IT UNINTERRUPTED, PAUSE AND LET IT LOAD BEFORE YOU TRY TO WATCH IT.

DiPaolo live streaming from Main Street Productions on Vimeo.

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