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Joni and Darius | A Georgia Bulldog Wedding at Mississippi State University

Every so often we are hired by someone else than the bride/groom.  Most of the "other" times are from the parents or another member of the family.  I'm not sure we have ever been hired by the bride's best friend.  But that is what happened the day that Angela (great name, don't you think!!) called about her BFF's wedding.  She told me of a long, true friendship.  It was beautiful.  I was instantly drawn into their story.  Even though Angela wasn't a true "planner", she knew the questions to ask and the answers to give.  It was like she was the hired planner for the wedding day. And it is a good thing.  You see, Joni is quite the busy bee.  She is the head coach for the lady dawgs at The University of Georgia.  I don't know much about basketball, but she is a pretty big deal.  And from what the news (Twitter) is saying, she is doing a great job on her first season! And don't worry, her hubby is pretty talented too.  He was the assistant coach at the University of South Carolina before they got married. 

Held at the historic Riley Center at Mississippi State University, the wedding was beautiful.  We actually had to live stream certain parts of the reception to the various rooms at the Riley Center. I guess you could say, Joni and Darius are loved by MANY!  Enough chit chat, watch the wedding film for yourself!  Well done John, Sam and Amanda!  

Wedding Venue: The Riley Center, Mississippi State University | Wedding Videography: John Deaver, Main Street Productions | Music licensed through: The Music Bed

Main Street Productions will become Cinepear in January 2016.