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Christina & Phillip | Same Day Edit

There is a certain amount of an emotional high that you get from doing same day edits (SDE).  It is like sprinting for 12 hours straight and hopefully if all goes as expected, you get the prize - your bride crying because she liked it so much.  

SDEs are not something we really advertise that we can do, but when our bride Christina called after watching one at a recent wedding in Ohio, we just had to do it for her.  She wanted to be able to give this awesome gift to her groom and their family and friends.  And she wanted it to be a surprise.  

SDEs are generally a short clip of the entire wedding day.  Sure, not everything can be included because of time restraints.  But for our bride and groom, we filmed some getting ready (everyone made lovely by the talented team at Joyce's with Melissa Moore Bogardus as the lead), the amazing photo shoot with the couple, the ceremony and a little of the reception (with beautiful flowers by KG Designs).  Of course during all of this, the editing had already started.  Once the 1st dance was over, that was our cue to start pulling it all together so that when the band took a break and Lamar from Jamm Entertaiment gave us the nod, we would show the wedding guests what we had been up to that day.  One of the greatest parts is being able to allow the guests to be a part of the entire day. 

It took a lot of planning on every vendor's part.  We couldn't have done it without the help of many people.  Firstly, Anita Kanellis of AK Brides was Christina's planner.  I called her immediately when Christina called me about doing a SDE for her.  The day had to be meticulously orchestrated and Anita did a fantastic job.  

Christina and Phillip had a very elaborate setup for their reception to say the least.  You can see the cake (made by Jan O'Donnell) suspended in a swing in the video below! During the early part of the setup, John had checked with the Ross Bridge tech dept about the projector and screens to make sure the guests would be able to see the video.  (Lauren with the hotel was equally wonderful throughout the whole process.) As the night progressed, Andy Tolar with Design Productions saw that a problem was arising between his setup and ours and we got a late night phone call.  How wonderful was he to notice a potential problem, call us and then proceed to fix it (all while delaying getting his work completed).  Kudos!

A little pre-planning meeting with Frank Carnaggio and Nicole Muras with Carnaggio Photography was necessary for everyone to be able to work toward a common goal.  Thanks to them for being so great to work with!  And to James Meredith with Birmingham Bridal Carriages for letting us speed past you in order to "get the shot!"

And finally to our team.  Chris Carr with Carr Video Productions and Dylan Lard.  We could not have accomplised the work of 10 without the help of you both.  Thank you for giving up your Saturday to come have some high-stress fun with us.  I, Angela, watched my wonderful husband keep calm and focused all day.  He knew that shots that he wanted, he knew where they were going to go before they even happened. He created this beautiful masterpiece with 9 minutes to spare AND he made it look easy!  I'm the luckiest girl around.

Christina & Phillip Same Day Edit from Main Street Productions on Vimeo.

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Abbie + Chris | The Sonnet House

I'm telling you - I am loving these afternoon weddings!  When you have a beautiful venue with a beautiful couple, you just can't go wrong.  Oh wait, add in fantastic photographers, and you really have it made!  Now of course, these screen shots can't compare to the Gresham's (Gresham Photography), but I hope that it will give you a glimpse into Abbie and Chris's wonderful wedding day!

A special thanks to Neillie Butler with Mairee Ami Wedding Planning on a job well done, Feel the Beat, Barb's Cakes, KG Designs and Kathy G Catering!  What a great team!