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#GivingTuesday - let's get started

If you have ever had a conversation with me for any extended length of time, you were bound to experience some of my passion for the hashtag, #GivingTuesday.  You see that particular hashtag only "trends" once a year - the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  Because November (the thankful month) is the only time of the year that people reaching out to others is a popular topic.  I feel that people are more giving of their time, talents and money during this season.  But what about the rest of the year?  The hungry still get hungry in January! I would love to see #GivingTuesday to trend each week - wouldn't that be awesome! If Jimmy Fallon can do it for his crazy hashtags, we should be able as well!!!

I really think that when a need is in front of someone, that others will step up.  But we all get busy, don't we?  We get so caught up in our day to day life that we forget about the countless others in the world that might need a little something extra.  

Even though this blog post is being composed in the month that everyone remembers to give, I still want to go ahead with my plan.  (My ideal month would be February or June or some other time when people are less likely to give.)  My plan is to highlight Birmingham wedding vendors that I know are using their talent to serve others.  I brainstormed for about 5 minutes and came up with 10 people off the top of my head.  I'm sure there are others.  A lot of these people don't directly advertise their giving nature, so finding them is hard. Please feel free to suggest to me if you know of someone that is going above and beyond! I would love to showcase their mission to increase awareness for everyone!  I can't wait for this challenge!!!!