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You say you want "NOW??" We can do NOW!!!

This throwback is not on a Thursday, so maybe it doesn't count.  Regardless there were so many special moments in the day that I wanted to relive, so we edited a 15 sec Instagram video of Shannon and Peter's wedding day.  I've also noticed that I never did an official blog post for this film so I will include the full wedding film as well.  

I love the excitement the bride and groom had for getting married.  I love the look on the Mother of the Bride's face when walking her daughter down the aisle (jewish wedding: it is customary for both parents to walk the bride down the aisle). The surprise fireworks at the end of the night at The Club are always spectacular!  

But more than anything, we love doing Same Day Edits or Next Day Edits.  Not only is it the biggest rush of adrenaline that we ever have, but YOU get to see your wedding with all of the emotions almost immediately!!!!  This is how it works.  We are filming and editing all during the day (takes more people on our end).  When the band takes their second break of the evening (or at another chosen time during the wedding reception),  we pull out a projector and WOW, you are reliving the best day of your life.  Take about the WOW factor!!!  We can only do a limited number each year, so let me know if you want us to do a Same Day Edit for you!

And then here's the full length wedding video. 

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