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NBC Nightly News | Gender Reveal Party

One week ago, I received a call from a production guy from NBC's Nightly News.  He had seen our clip from a recent gender reveal party on YouTube.  The couple had used confetti cannons to announce that they were having a boy, (really twin boys).  You can read the blog post here.  Regardless, they wanted to use some of our footage!  Way cool.  Actually not only was the footage used in the story, but even the intro piece also had stills pulled from our video!  It's the little things that excite me so much! 

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John Deaver Films | Safe Step Walk-in Tub Co. | Sophia Joblonski | Orland Park, IL

Imagine being 14 years old and not able to bathe yourself without your mom's help?  Sophia has cerebral palsy but doesn't let that stop her from living her life as a normal teenager.  She is a rockstar!

John Deaver Films was honored to be able to fly to Chicago to document when Safe Step Walk-in Tub Co gave Sophia a brand new speciality tub that has greatly helped her independence.  To read more about her story, click here.  

We enjoy creating these corporate videos. As a videographer, it is really cool to be able to tell this family's story as their lives are changing for the better. 

Music licensed through The Music Bed - "Kings" by Ryan Taubert

The Launch of John Deaver Films | a division of Main Street Productions

We here at Main Street Productions LOVE weddings.  It is what we have made a living on for many years now.  We had a few corporate clients through the years, but it was never our main focus.  

When it came time for John's mid-life crisis, not only did he buy his infamous Banana Republic purple shirt and green glasses, but he also really wanted to put his name on something.  We argued for a few years about a complete renaming and re-branding of MSP, but in the end decided to just have him branch off and tell a different kind of story.  

Of course he is NOT leaving MSP and is very much a part of day to day operations, but he is pursuing other types of jobs under John Deaver Films

I do plan on posting his work here on this blog as well as his blog on JDF so check back often! Check out his website on