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I guess I try to separate out our corporate job vs the weddings, but sometimes it is just easier to combine.  It's not like you didn't know that video speaks across all industries and events.  

This video was produced for the sales team needing a visual reference to show during a sale presentation.  They needed it to be long and to show how amazing their product is.  Just like with our wedding videos, it takes the "creative collaboration" to produce a piece like this.  

If your business needs a simple "about us" video or something more complex, give us a call - we would love to help!

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the wolf's out of the bag

In our effort to take over the world...

Wait, that's not right.  In our effort to put together an amazing team of film makers who can rely on each other, learn from each other and collaborate to create fabulous works of art for our brides, we are ready to introduce Sam Armstrong to the Main Street team.  Of course he will be completing the weddings he has already booked as he works with MSP. 

[Taken from his resume] Sam is a go-getter and a charmer.  He's talented and gets along well with others.  His "unique" sense of humor fits so well into our culture. So it's time to make it Facebook official.  

Thanks, Sam, for proving your worth, especially the Selma project and for a last minute call for a wedding film. I can't wait for the future!

Just like with John, Chris and Bill, you can think of me as his agent. I handle his bookings, social media and the business side and he gets to be the creative!  It really works well for us.  We are better together than we are apart.  #CreativeCollaboration 

Contact me today to have Sam film your wedding!  

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