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The Knot Best of 2012

A while back I received an email saying that we were picked as one of The Knot's Best of Weddings. I immediately ignored it, thinking it was spam.  Or I would have to advertise with them to be able to stake this claim.  A few months go by and I receive a call telling me that we were awarded this Best of.  THEN I started to believe it and do a little research.  And it was actually legit.  How cool!  

So as I am standing at my imaginary podium speaking to the thousands of imaginary people that are in their imaginary seats in front of me, I just would like to say quickly (before the music cues the end of my time) that we appreciate all of the wonderful comments, reviews, etc. that our brides have given us.  We love that you all let us be a part of your wedding day. And just let us know when dinner will be served at Thanksgiving this year...

Here are a few more Best of's in Alabama!


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"It’s a beginning and an ending, it’s glorious and sad, and it’s intimate and public.  In your lifetime there will be few milestones that will change the course of your future more than your wedding day. Main Street Productions understands and believes in the emotions of life. We bring these emotions to our art and look forward to presenting you a glimpse into your own past." - John Deaver, Main Street Productions 
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