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The Club | Birmingham Wedding Venue

It seems like once a month we have a wedding or corporate event at The Club (Birmingham, AL). Of course they produce beautiful weddings, but the view of the city of Birmingham is the BEST!  

The ladies that run the sales and marketing department are second to none.  You are always greeted with friendly smiles.  I tell everyone that will listen, it is the only venue in town that can serve 300 people a hot, fresh, plated meal at a wedding. It just further shows their aim for perfection and professionalism. 

This video promo uses clips from several weddings and events that we filmed.  You will see the behind the scenes set up transforming the big room into a magnificent ballroom.  You can really imagine your wedding being held at The Club! 

Once you have booked The Club for your wedding, contact us for your own wedding video!  

Angela S. Deaver | Main Street Productions | Birmingham Wedding Videos |


Sandy & Jeff Dancing: American Village
After what seemed like endless days of rain, we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather for Sandy and Jeff's wedding at the American Village. Together with Jessica Messer, we were able to get some amazing shots of the bride and groom when they 1st saw each other on their wedding day.  I can't wait to share that footage!!  The couple had a very intimate and romantic ceremony in the chapel.  And thankfully, the new ballroom was finished weeks before!  It really is beautiful!  




We knew we were in for a fun evening when all of the ladies arrived for the wedding wearing shoes made for dancing! You see, Sandy & Jeff met while taking dance lessons at a local school. Can I tell you how amazing their first dance looked!!!!  WOW!  The bride looked like Cinderella with her prince!  Sandy also dances with Alene Gamel, who not only was the planner for the evening, but was also a wedding guest!  




With most of the wedding guests being dancers, we had to upload a clip that represented just that!