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Juli and Jacob | Backyard Alabama wedding

When I first spoke with Juli (and Jacob) I was amazed at how they were functioning so well in their life.  They both had full time jobs while planning a wedding and building their dream home.  This dream home was to be the wedding site.  But they were calm.  They had been dating for years and they were ready to finally be married.  They had pride for their house and were excited to share it with friends and family who were to gather to celebrate the couple exchanging their wedding vows. 

When we arrive on site, we can see why this site was the only choice for the wedding.  It was gorgeous!  The view was incredible!  And the house was beautiful!  The only thing more beautiful was the bride.  I loved how their friends, who were basically family, all came together to make the day perfect.  Even when the guitarist blew a circuit during the 1st dance and all of the lighting went dark, it was still perfect, because it allowed for an impromptu sing-a-long from the entire crowd.  It was a good lesson that at the end of the day, no matter what happens, you still get to marry the person of your dreams. - Angela Deaver

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