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Wedding Trend Alert | Next Day Edits

For the past few years, we have seen the popularity rise for Same Day Edits (you can read about them here), but recently the Next Day Edit appeared on the wedding scene.  As a vendor, I am not sure that they are any easier than a SDE; they actually might be harder to produce (because you are tired from the wedding already but still have to stay awake and edit throughout the night).  But the impact is still very high.

For this clip, our family wanted a little entertainment for their Farewell Brunch at ALOFT Hotel on the Sunday following the wedding.  We created this piece to not only help everyone to remember all of the details that came together to make a fabulous wedding but it also gave their family and friends (that were absent) a way of feeling a part of the celebration.

It was delivered that morning and our wonderful editor, John, came home and promptly went to bed!




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