Alexis and Colby | Private family home, sort of...

When you ask summer brides, getting married outdoors, what their biggest fear is on the wedding day, they almost always say, "RAIN!"  Sometimes they have a beautiful sunny day, sometimes it rains a little bit but clears up just in time for the ceremony AND sometimes you have a gully washer (southern term...)!  

Alexis and Colby's wedding day started out with beautiful skies as they were preparing to get married at the bride's aunt's home on the lake.  Letters were written, bride was gorgeous, and then the rain started.  Sideways, down, every which way.  Thankfully a nearby church was able to host the wedding at the last minute.  

Do you want to know the best part?  I emailed the bride right after the wedding saying that I was sorry that the day didn't go as she wanted.  Her response, "It didn't, but in the end everything was still perfect!"  That, ladies and gentleman, was the best attitude anyone could have had!  

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