Giving Back: All Things New

We've all seen the commercials to help children in other countries. It's heartbreaking no matter how you look at it.  With the All Things New charity, (from what I can tell) it is just a husband and wife team trying to help a country that they have grown to love.  They have a small orphanage where needs are great.  On the organization's website, I found a few facts about Haiti that you can read below.  Staggering...  If you are considering donating, here is the direct link. 

  • Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere with 78% of the population living on less than $2/day.

    • The average annual household income is $400 (compared to $42,693 in America).

    • There is no free public education in Haiti thus the literacy rate is estimated at 50%.

    • Estimates suggest that there are 750,000 orphans in Haiti

    • Over 7% of children die at birth - 10% of children die before age 5.

Part 5/6 of the Giving Back blog series

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