Reason No. 587 to hire a wedding filmmaker

I talk to a lot of brides; sometimes they hire us, sometimes they don't.  And when they don't, that is ok.  I just want them to hire a some professional for their wedding.  Most of the time, brides will say something about wanting to have their wedding ceremony preserved for the future. I think that is easy for couples to comprehend that they want.  But often times, what they don't understand (until after the wedding) is all of the other moments that happen throughout the day. That is why we only provide full day coverage. 

For instance, at Ginna and Ty's wedding reception, the father of the bride gets on stage with the band, grabs the microphone and proceeds to serenade his bride of over 25 years.  So there you have it - the bride, the father of the bride and now the mom of the bride (who happens to be fighting cancer) are all on the stage.  Below you will just have a 15 sec glimpse of such a priceless moment captured on video.  So yes, we will film your ceremony, but also so much more.  Do you see those tears coming down mom's face?  #Photosdontdoitjustice 

Main Street Productions will become Cinepear in January 2016.