Welcome Chris!

Now that everything is official - business cards have been made, website has been updated, creative differences have erupted (ha!) - we want to welcome Chris Carr back home (full-time) to Main Street Productions!  

You can read his bio on the "about" page of this website, but that kind of is the boring stuff.

Chris is a talented filmmaker with an unique eye on a wedding day.  He loves lens flares.  He's a documentary junkie.  Not only has he made a mini doc about the live (stuffed) characters from Showbiz Pizza Place (you're probably too young to remember!!), he also made a short horror film that has it's own following.  He's HUGE in Australia!  HA!


Chris is usually wear a white T-shirt (unless he is at an event).  Just plain white.  He loves imitating people.  He really loves VHS tapes.  I think he's pretty funny. But that is just my two cents. You should get to know him yourself!

What does this mean for you?  John and Chris work really well with each other.  Sometimes you will see them at an event together, sometimes they will be separate.  It's called a "Creative Collaboration" because that is what it is.  It will make both John and Chris better filmmakers.  It will make Main Street a better company. We are in this for the long haul, so you better hold on!


Angela S. Deaver | Main Street Productions | Birmingham Wedding Videographer


"It’s a beginning and an ending, it’s glorious and sad, and it’s intimate and public.  In your lifetime there will be few milestones that will change the course of your future more than your wedding day. Main Street Productions understands and believes in the emotions of life. We bring these emotions to our art and look forward to presenting you a glimpse into your own past." - John Deaver, Main Street Productions