My life as a guest blogger...

Sounds pretty fancy, huh?  Don't be too impressed, I think they just needed content for the new blog, Charmed Wedding Blog.  But I still got to give my opinion about the importance of hiring a professional videographer for your wedding.  It referenced how a wedding video can really serve as a legacy for your family, tying in a very sweet story from a wedding of ours last Fall at The American Village

AND one of my favorite videos was attached to the article.  Read it.  It might change your mind.  

And watch the video.   


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"It’s a beginning and an ending, it’s glorious and sad, and it’s intimate and public.  In your lifetime there will be few milestones that will change the course of your future more than your wedding day. Main Street Productions understands and believes in the emotions of life. We bring these emotions to our art and look forward to presenting you a glimpse into your own past." - John Deaver, Main Street Productions