Leigh Ann & Josh | Rosewood | Birmingham Wedding Video

ALL of the credit for this video goes to a guy that has worked with us for years behind the scenes.  He shoots with us, edits for us, talks tech to John when I could care less.  Justin is a great guy, who happens to have loads of talent.  He shot and edited this wedding for Main Street Productions.  He is starting to have his own following among MSP brides! 

When Leigh Ann and Josh were planning their wedding at Rosewood in Pinson, Alabama, Renee (the owner) told them how important video would be.  Thankfully they listened.  Just a short time after the wedding, Leigh Ann's beloved grandmother passed away.  We all know our loved ones won't be with us forever but something about them leaving us unexpectedly makes it harder.  Not only do they have wonderful memories of grandma dancing at the wedding reception, but they also have a wonderful video to watch.  Thanks Justin!


Angela S. Deaver | Main Street Productions | Birmingham Wedding Videographer


"It’s a beginning and an ending, it’s glorious and sad, and it’s intimate and public.  In your lifetime there will be few milestones that will change the course of your future more than your wedding day. Main Street Productions understands and believes in the emotions of life. We bring these emotions to our art and look forward to presenting you a glimpse into your own past." - John Deaver, Main Street Productions