It's hard to be humble and not brag when we have such great clients that say so many nice things.  I am posting this email that we recieved a couple of days ago from a bride who recently watched her video for the first time.  Yes, I am proud.  My husband is the most amazing editor!  You can see the love in every edit.  So maybe it is a little bragging.  But it will also serve the purpose of helping brides that are on the fence about videography for their wedding.

I also hope that it shows you that you are not ordering a Big Mac - that every wedding is different and unique and that it takes time to create a keepsake that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

from Caroline:

"Angela it was perfect. I mean just perfect.!! I cannot wait to have everyone in my life watch it. We were blown away by everything. Literally cried for the whole hour- it went by in no time, but I feel like it caught every moment we would want to remember. James and I just sat there in awe of all the feelings that it evoked. It took us right back to that day and how perfect and wonderful it was. We are so thankful that the Lord has blessed you in the way that He has. Just yesterday I had a girl message me about who we used because the highlights made her cry... It's like well you should see the whole thing haha. I was able to tell her how much yall meant to us because you really gave us the most precious gift. Pictures can only do so much- I will tell anyone and everyone till the day I die that having a videographer(s) at your wedding is top 3 most important things that you should have. Sacrifice anything haha. Thank you so much! It truly is the biggest blessing we have received and I am so sorry I didn't email you right after we watched it. We are just so joyous about it!! I cannot say thank you enough. Your work is amazing!!"

Here are the highlights taken from their wedding video. 

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