Chandeliers | My latest love

I love finding unique wedding day chandeliers.  Whether they are adorned with flowers, moss, utensils, I love them all!  


My first love this week was a chandelier used in a contest locally with a well-known jeweler, Bromberg's.  The participating florists were given china to decorate a themed tablescape for judging.  One florist, Lillie's Flowers, decorated a unique spoon and fork chandelier with twigs and flowers.  It was beautiful - it was actually my favorite thing about her gorgeous table. Thanks to Arden Photography for this photo! Click here if you want to take part in the voting! 



The next love was found on Pinterest via Design Productions.  I think he might have been highlighting the drapery, but I couldn't take my eyes off the beauty in the middle.  Don't you agree?????



On the Elizabeth Anne Designs' blog, I found this beauty (below on the left), a fern and ribbon covered chandelier, from VUE Photography.  


And my last love (for now anyway), are the beautiful chandeliers that we find in trees during outside receptions. I find them very tranquil.  I found this picture (below on right) on the Green Wedding Shoes' blog.



I can't tell you which one I like more than the other because I keep changing my mind.  Why can't I have all of them?!!







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